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Strengths and benefits

  • Save time searching: abrasives and machines clearly arranged and close at hand
  • Mobile dust extractor with EC motor for maximum endurance and safe work in zone 22
  • LEX 3: extremely low compressed air consumption, reduces the energy costs by up to 30%
  • LEX 3: quiet and minimal vibrations, thus extremely health-friendly
  • LEX 3: Robust motor for maximum endurance
  • Perfect dust extraction in the system with IAS 3 light hose and mobile dust extractor

Main applications

  • Extraction of dry, flammable dust in zone 22
  • For arduous sanding work
  • For use as a mobile, compressed air sanding station
  • Sanding aluminium or carbon parts

Items Included

    WCR 1000 Workcenter, cleaning cloth RT PREMIUM 240x380/200, Dry guide coat powder HB-Set, SYSTAINER SYS-STF D150, sanding in 4 steps, Compressed air eccentric sander LEX 3 150/3, Compressed air eccentric sander LEX 3 150/5, IAS 3 hose light 3500 AS, SELFCLEAN filter bag SC FIS-CT 48/5, mobile dust extractor CTL 48 E LE EC/B22, 2x sanding discs STF D150/16 P 80 GR 50x, 2x sanding discs STF D150/16 P 180 GR 100x, 2x sanding discs STF D150/16 P 280 GR 100x, 2x sanding discs STF D150/16 P 400 GR 100x, sanding discs STF D150/0 D 500 DI 2x, 2x sanding discs STF D150/0 S1000 PL2 15x, in a carton

Technical Details

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Commercial Information

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  • Country of origin DE
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