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Irvingia Gabonensis 150mg 200's

It is also known as the African Mango commonly grown in Africa and South East Asia. Fruits from these trees are often called dika nuts which contain high amounts of mucilage, traditionally used as a thickening agent. The aromatic nuts are typically dried in the sun for preservation, and are sold whole or in powder form. Ground into a paste they are used as a thickening agent in traditional dishes.

Studies have shown that Irvingia Gabonensis significantly reduces body fat in obese subjects versus placebo by activating leptin, a natural hormone in weight control. The soluble fibre found in the seed is similar to other fibres and works as a bulk-forming laxative which also suppresses the appetite. Due to it delaying the emptying of the stomach, it leads to a more gradual absorption of dietary sugar. This reduces the elevation of blood sugar levels that is typical after a meal.

Suggested uses

  • For individuals who have excess fat and that require assistance with weight loss.
  • How it works and what it benefits:
  • Double blind studies have shown that Irvingia Gabonensis is a natural food extract which may assist with:
  • Weight loss by improving leptin sensitivity so that less hunger is experienced and less food consumed. Leptin is a hormone that inhibits food intake in people of normal body weight by reducing the hunger signals from the brain. Obese individuals often become leptin resistant due to an over production of this hormone.
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels by delaying stomach emptying.
  • Increasing adiponectin (a hormone secreted by fat cells) which promotes insulin sensitivity as well as having an anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefit. It does so by:
  • Assisting in lowering total cholesterol and LDL and increasing HDL cholesterol
  • Reducing C-reactive protein (C-RP) which is an indicator of the level of inflammation in the body. This protein cross-binds with leptin, rendering it unable to cross the blood-brain barrier. The brain is unable to get the leptin-induced appetite control signal. When C-reactive protein levels are lowered this lets the leptin move across the blood-brain barrier to shutting off appetite signals in the brain. This explains the apparent leptin insensitivity in obese people who often have raised C-RP levels.


Take 1- 2 caps 30-60min before lunch and dinner or as directed by your health practitioner. Being a food extract Irvingia gabonensis is completely safe.

Supplement information

Product Caps Each cap contains
Irvingia 60 Irvingia gabonensis extract 150mg