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Sally-T nutritional and health products
Magnesium Oxide 200mg 100’s

Magnesium is an element essential for over 300 reactions in our bodies. Much of the population is low in this mineral due to poor diets and low soil levels. 

Being bound to an oxide group the magnesium is poorly absorbed which lends itself to different uses compared to some other magnesium compounds. 

How it works and what it benefits

Although magnesium oxide can be used to enhance low magnesium levels it is not the compound of choice for this modality as the absorption from the “oxide” form is poor.  The magnesium oxide form is known to work mainly with the gastro-intestinal tract.  It can assist in the relief of heartburn – being used as an antacid and can also actually be used to increase bowel function as a low grade laxative.  As a laxative it will increase peristaltic action and when combined with a bulk increasing agent (fibre e.g. psyllium husks) it makes a perfect synergistic working module. Long term constipation should be treated holistically with increased fibre and selected food choices ensuring more than adequate levels of water intake. 


1 to 3 tablets per day or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Supplement information

Product Caps Each cap contains
Magnesium oxide 100 Magnesium oxide 200mg