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Shröder Titanium Nitride Coated PHZ Bits - 50 mm

PHZ Bit No. 3 - Bulk Packaging


The TiN Bit is based on a titanium nitride coating, which produces a high surface hardness up to 2500HV. It is produced by utilizing the CVD method.

The precise fit and micro-rough surface ensure a secure fi t in the screw. The minimized ejection forces and high surface hardness makes the TiN Bit optimally suited for longterm industrial use. The perfect bond between steel and coating ensures a long service life

Universal hexagonal shaft in 6,35 mm (¼ inch)

Who doesn’t know the problem - you have to fix a Pozidriv screw but you only have a Phillips bit available or vice versa. The PHZ Bit from Schroder offers the solution: it can be used either for Pozidriv or Phillips screws. Its shape and the golden tip can easily be recognised.

Bit Shape Bit shape

Shröder Features


  • Flexibility through fitting in PZ and PH screws
  • Lower costs
  • Absolute convenience
  • Long life
  • ¼ inch drive
  • Available in different packaging and quantities

Bit shape Bit shape

Shröder Specifications

Tip:Bit shapeBit shape PZ and PZ - PHZ
Tip Size: No. 3
Length: 50 mm
Cat No.: SC21199
Packaging Bulk (Sold per piece)