New Detroit Screw Compressor Models Have Arrived!

Posted by Sean Murphy on

In development since May 2018, Detroit poured time and money into what can only be described as a project of passion. This new range of DB Compressors is a reflection of the company personality and the result of Detroit's passion for developing beautifully built and crafted screw compressors. 

One of the best machines available on the South African market, designed for the local conditions and economic position of the local market.

What we have achieved benefits your clients massively.

  • Air delivery is up - measured according to ISO standards, by as much as 15% in some models. 12% in the G2DB-30 as a case-in-point. 
  • Power consumption is down. By as much as 5%.
  • Motor winding temperature rating has increased, this helps with Eskom's supply instabilities.
  • Cooling fans have been upgraded with a more efficient blade design reducing noise and vibration.
  • Spin on separators up to 50Hp makes for much quicker services, putting more money in your pocket and saving you time.
  • Cabinet is designed for quick services.
  • Electrical panels have improved insulation.
  • Powder-coating quality has been improved.
  • Air end is now balanced, reducing both noise and vibration and increasing bearing life.
  • All models feature touch screen with Wifi as standard.
  • Mobile Android App is available for download and allows for remote monitoring and trouble-shooting.
  • Cabinet doors are now lockable.
  • 10HP to 50HP feature an all new power-train with increased performance and service life meeting or exceeding IE2 standards for motor efficiency.
  • FF models come standard with in-line filtration and auto drains.
  • FF and Pak models are modular, so screw and dryer cabinets are interchangeable for VSD models and standard DT model dryers.
  • Cabinet design is very attractive and really looks impressive with a great fit and finish.
We have provided you with cutting edge design and efficiency, to match or beat any European brand at a fraction of the price. The new 2nd Generation DB models can go head to head with any other brand and still be more impressive with standard features and looks alone. 


Additional Features: 
  • Wifi as standard on DT, DB and Gen2-DB models.
  • An Android APP to connect you to your Detroit Air screw compressor.
  • Touch-screen for easy intuitive operation.
  • Real-time power consumption data allows for calculation of running costs.
  • PLC that is focused on making machine operation and simple by means of time and pressure scheduling, efficient VSD control, real-time monitoring and trouble-shooting.
  • Basically, the whole system has been designed to enable efficient operation and money-savings for all parties involved.

The Advantages:

  • Monitor your machines for services and problems.
  • Remotely fix small problems like overdue services, electrical fluctuations, voltage settings, temperature settings.
  • Troubleshoot the problems before getting to site so proper preparations can be made. 
  • monitor the machine in real time.
  • Shut the machine down or start it up if needed.
  • Save time on small issues that can be solved over the APP.