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Deep & very low profile trolley jack - Not sold in North America

Heavy duty steel welded chassis with reinforcing rims
Two pumps & one foot pedal for fast approach without load
Handle with protector sponge & soft rubber pad on the saddle plate
Turning handle for easy release of load
Low profile construction
Low noise & smooth to floor tiles due to oil and acid resistant plastic wheels
This product is not marketed yet in North America and Australia.
Robust & Durable
Quick lifting
Easy to use
Dimension A620 mm
Dimension B70 mm
Dimension C540 mm
Dimension D920 mm
Dimension E153 mm
Dimension F282 mm
Capacity1 1/2 ton(s)
Dimension D22140 mm
Dimension F1382 mm
Dimension F2Nylon mm
Dimension M111.3323 mm