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Accuracy, Long-Lasting Accuracy and Durability

Scale in Nm
Torque adjustment with manual locking in front of the handle
Fine scale graduation: 5 Nm
Sensitive & sound signals when reaches the torque
Provided with ISO 6789 calibration certificate
Provided in a protective blow molded case
Numbered wrenches
Accuracy: 4% according to the EN ISO 6789:2003 specifications
Long-lasting accuracy up to 25000 cycles
Durable: Reliability of the mechanism up to 25000 cycles
Robust: 54 teeth fixed pear head ratchet
Comfort: Black aluminum handle resistant to common chemicals in workshops
Compact: To work in restricted areas
Length610 mm
Net weight1,76 kg
Square drive1/2"
Capacity60 – 340 Nm
Graduation2 Nm
European StandardsEN ISO 6789-1 : 2017