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Emery cloth

Emery cloth is an abrasive similar to sandpaper, but has a cloth backing instead of a paper backing making it much more durable. It is spesifically designed for the metal finishing industry.

Emery cloth

SIZE: 50mm width, 50m length
GRIT: P100

The cloth can also be conveniently torn to size. Emery cloth is moreover used for cleaning or polishing.

Emery cloth

William H. Dooley, in his book, 'Applied Science For Metal Workers,' traces the first use of abrasives to dried sharkskin that was rubbed on various materials to provide a smooth surface. Approximately 250 years ago, the first primitive sandpapers and emery cloths were produced using a backing coated with glue, sprinkled with abrasive and hung up to dry. Modern abrasives are mass produced to exacting standards.

What is grit?

Grits explained by Tork Craft When talking about sandpaper 'grit' is a reference to the number of abrasive particles per inch of sandpaper. The lower the grit the rougher the sandpaper and conversely, the higher the grit number the smoother the sandpaper.

This make sense if you imagine how small the particles on an 1000-grit sandpaper would need to be to fit into a 1' square (25,4mm square). Sandpaper is referred to by the size of its grit (Example 120-grit sandpaper or P120 sandpaper).

Emery cloth

YouTube How to use emery cloth for plumbing projects: