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Two-column Dial Height Gauge 300 mm
SERIES 185-11

Manufacturer Cat No: 185-012-11

Two-column Analogue Height Gauge

Two-column sensor height gauge with a dial gauge, measuring range 0-300 mm and graduation 0.01 mm, equipped with a tracer tip and a guide with a knob to facilitate adjustment.

The readout from both the sensor and the meter attached next to it is easy and error-free. The columns are made of stainless steel. Measuring tip - made of sintered carbide.

Adjustment is made by turning a guide knob on the back of the unit which also acts as the fine adjuster.

Made of stainless steel (except the base). Measuring tip - made of sintered carbide.

Made of stainless steel.

Features at a glance

  • Made of stainless steel (except the base)
  • Indicator graduation: 0.01mm
  • With driving wheel
  • Optional accessory: 267 series clamps (not included)
  • Carbide tipped scriber

Technical parameters:

Description Spec
Measurement range:
0-300 mm
Scale: 0.01 mm
Counter: one counter to measure on +
and one to measure on -
Accuracy: ± 0.04 mm
Dimension b1: 135 mm
Dimension b2: 43 mm
Dimension c: 33 mm
Dimension d: Ø 15 mm
Dimension h: 84 mm
Dimension L: 475 mm
Tracing tip: YES