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Pony clamps - a quality clamping solution companyPony 8 Inch C-Clamp

Pony Clamps - 8 inch C-Clamp


The Pony Style 2600 C-Clamps are an imported economy line providing quality products at an affordable price. Manufactured and inspected under our strict guidelines to insure consistent quality.

This line features a complete variety of frame designs with full closing screws in sizes from 1 inch to 8 inch. Ideal for most do-it-yourself, woodworking and household clamping projects.

These C-Clamps have orange powder-coated castings and zinc plated screw, handle and swivel. The 2680 opening capacity is 8 inches. Throat depth is 4 inches. Load limit is 1,200 pounds. The Chicago based Adjustable Clamp Company which was established in 1903 is the manufacturer of all Pony C-Clamps

  • 8 inch (203.2mm) opening capacity
  • 4 inch (101.6mm) Throat depth
  • 1200 ( 544.3kg) Pounds load limit
  • Orange baked enamel finish prevents rusting
  • ACME Style screw provides speed and strength
  • Plated screw, handle and swivel
Part No. Throat Depth Opening Cap Load Limit
#2680 4 inch 8 inch 1200 Pounds
101.6 mm 203.2 mm 544.3kg