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Pony clamps - a quality clamping solution companyPony Jorgensen 12″ Adjustable Handscrew

Pony Clamps - The 6″ Adjustable Handscrew

The 6″ Adjustable Handscrew from Jorgensen holds tightly over broad areas and is designed to provide a large reach and wide distribution of pressure.

Its jaws are made from seasoned hard maple and can be adjusted for holding materials of different widths and shapes.

Its spindles and nuts are made from cold-drawn steel with double-lead threads for quick adjustments, strength, and durability. The handles are made from seasoned hardwood to provide comfort and are assembled with heavy-duty steel ferrules.
  • 3 (76.2 mm) inch opening capacity
  • 6 (152.4 mm) inch Jaw length
  • 5 (152 mm) inch Jaw reach
  • Material of Construction: Steel and hardwood
  • Adjustable jaws
Part No. Opening Cap Jaw Length Jaw Reach
#3-0 3 inch 6 inch 5
76.2 mm 152.4 mm 152 mm