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Pony clamps - a quality clamping solution companyJorgensen 18-Inch One-Handed Spreader Clamp


Pony Clamps - 18-Inch One-Handed Clamp

The first bar clamp to expand by joining two clamps together with no tools or added accessories needed. The patented head design allows any two Jorgensen Bar Clamps to be joined together for greater clamping capacity. By quickly flipping the head, you join two clamps together and also increase total clamping capacity by 6-Inch over the original two clamps.

Example: Two 12-Inch Bar Clamps joined together will give you one clamp with an 30-Inch capacity. With every two clamps you buy, it's like getting a third, larger clamp for free.

  • 18 Inch
  • Exclusive, patented design
  • 76% more clamping force
  • Quick release button for fast and easy changeovers
  • Spreader function
Instructions: How to combine two spreader clamps

Step 1Pony Clamps - Step 1 image

Remove the head of the clamp by pressing the marked 'Push' button.

Step 2Pony Clamps - Step 2 image

Flip the the head 180 degrees vertically and attach it to the clamp

Step 3Pony Clamps - Step 3 image

Do the same with the second clamp, attach the two clamps together using the dovetail on the end of each clamps' head

Step 4

All done! Feel free to watch the video for a more detailed instruction

Pony Clamps - Step 4 image
Part No. Clamp Size Included
#33418 18 inch Spreader function
457 mm 76% more Clamping Force


Jorgensen 18-Inch One-Handed Spreader Clamp