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Pony clamps - a quality clamping solution companyPony 3/4-Inch Pipe Clamp Fixture

Pony Clamps - 8 inch C-Clamp


The Deep Reach Clamp Fixture for 3/4' Black Pipe from Pony Tools features a 2.5' deep-reach design for use with countertops, cabinets, and other tight-reach applications.

The fixture can be mounted to a 3/4' black pipe of any length with threaded ends and the clamp's heads can be reversed to spread the work.

The clamp features a wing-nut handle and four multiple disc clutches. The swivel has a diameter of 1¼' and features internal lock washers made from steel for securing your item in place. This item comes with a steel display carton for displaying your clamps.

  • Features a special deep-reach head, which allows you to micro-adjust your tightness from the outboard end of your clamp
  • The design is perfect for tight jobs where traditional pipe clamps may not work
  • Fixed head can be reversed and clamp can be used as a spreader
  • Sliding head operates smoothly with the 5/8' adjusting screw for final tightening
  • Multiple-Disc-Clutch for secure hold along pipe
  • Coil spring stop
Part No. Reach Swivel Compatibility
#56 2.5 inch 1.25  inch Pipe with 3/4 inch thickness
64 mm 31.8 mm 19.05