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Pony clamps - a quality clamping solution companyThe 60-Inch Steel I-Bar Clamp

Pony Clamps - The 60-Inch Steel I-Bar Clamp

The 7260 Steel I-Bar Clamp from Jorgensen is designed for everyday use, including use in school shops, commercial woodworking, metalworking factories, welding applications, and professional woodworking. The fixed head is threaded to accommodate the screw, and a multiple-disc-clutch holds securely at any point on the bar. It features a high-carbon steel bar, malleable and ductile iron castings, and 2' clamping faces.

The screw is constructed of cold-drawn steel and contains smoothly cut Acme threads, hardened steel thrust bearing, and a crank-type handle. There are five clutch discs and one clutch spring, all of them made of hardened, plated steel.
  • 60 (1524 mm) inch opening capacity
  • 7000lb (3175.1 kg) Load Limit
  • Bar: high-carbon steel
  • Castings: iron, powder-coated finish
  • Screw: steel
  • Clutch discs: steel
  • Five clutch discs and one clutch spring.
Part No. Opening Cap Load Limit
#7260 60 inch 7000 lb
1524 mm 3175.1 kg