CHUCK & KEY 5 - 20.0MM B22 TAPER


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20mm Drill Chuck with key

CHUCK & KEY 5 - 20.0MM B22 TAPER20mm Keyed chuck with B22 taper. A correct taper adapter may be required to fit the chuck to your machine application. This version is B22 (Metric DIN standard).

  • B22 taper
    • Large taper diameter: 21.793mm
    • Small taper diameter: 19.80mm
    • Taper length: 40.50mm
  • Opening capacity: 20mm
  • All metal construction
  • Chuck key included




Installation Info
Clean both tapers of all grease and grit. With the chuck jaws completely retracted into the chuck and using a thin piece of wood to protect the chuck nose, tap the chuck into place on the spindle/taper adaptor.

To remove chuck from arbor
Insert wedges between the back of the chuck and the shoulder of the arbor as shown in the picture on the right.

By tapping these wedges with a hammer or applying force in a bench vice, the wedges will force the chuck off the arbor shaft.


20mm Drill Chuck with key

Description Spec
Chuck type Taper
Taper type B22
   Taper Ø LARGE  21.793 mm
   Taper Ø SMALL  19.80 mm
   Taper LENGTH 40.50 mm
Capacity 20mm
Construction All Metal
Chuck key Included
How to remove a chuck