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MT3 - B16 arbor

Morse taper MT3 to B16 arborDrill chuck morse taper holder for the adaption of a drill chuck for your drill or mill. Simply fit the drill chuck onto the B16 side and away you go.

  • Outside taper: MT-3,
  • Pintle Size: B16. 
  • Hardened tang and precision ground
  • Used to adapt drill chucks to your drill press, milling machine or lathe

Installation Info
Clean both tapers of all grease and grit. With the chuck jaws completely retracted into the chuck and using a thin piece of wood to protect the chuck nose, tap the chuck into place on the spindle/taper adaptor.

To remove chuck from arbor
Insert wedges between the back of the chuck and the shoulder of the arbor as shown in the picture on the right.

By tapping these wedges with a hammer or applying force in a bench vice, the wedges will force the chuck off the arbor shaft.


Arbor Explained


Arbors explained


Description Spec
Long Taper Type MT3
Morse Taper
No #3
   Taper Ø LARGE  23.825 mm
   Taper Ø SMALL  20.20 mm
   Taper LENGTH 99 mm
Short Taper type B16
Metric DIN
   Taper Ø LARGE  15.733 mm
   Taper Ø SMALL  14.50 mm
   Taper LENGTH 24.00 mm