5 + 1 FREE CUTTING DISC FOR MASONRY 115 x 1.0 x 22.2MM


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Cutting disc for masonry

Masonry combo 5 plus 1

Compatible with 115mm dia. angle grinders.

Manufactured from high quality Resin and Silicon Carbide. Designed for masonry cutting only.

A masonry cutting disc is used for:

  • Brick cutting
  • Concrete cutting
  • Stone cutting
  • Wall chasing


Always make use of the necessary safety equipment when using machinery or powertools!

What is a grinding wheel?

A grinding wheel is a tool used to grind down, polish or cut material such as metal or glass. Like sanders, it uses abrasive grains to wear away the surface in minute particles. Grinding actually sharpens the wheel by breaking those grains and creating new sharp points.

Grinding metal

What is a grinding wheel made of?

A grinding wheel is made from several chemical and mineral ingredients. The formula varies according to what the wheel will be intended to grind, polish or cut.

For metalwork, they use abrasives that are aluminium oxide based. For cutting cement, stone and other non-metal objects they use abrasives that are silicon carbide based.

Even within those two categories, the formula differs between say, a wheel designed for hard steel versus one designed for soft steel. Computer programmed scales automatically weigh the various ingredients, including additives such as iron oxide (for wheels that cut or grind iron) and the mineral Cryolite (which lubricates the abrasives). Powdered and liquid resins bond all these ingedients together.

The grinding disc is then reinforced with fibre glass and a galvanised steel ring goes into the centre of each wheel. The steel ring protects the shaft that spins the grinding wheel.

Description Value
Size Ø 115mm
Blade thickness 1.0mm
Bore 22.23mm