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Felo Star Magnetic Bit Holder - 1/4' 70mm

Felo Star magnetic Bit Holder
1/4' 70mm

Felo's unique FeloStar precision bit holders are reliable and can be used with any standard 1/4' bit or 1/4 hexagonal bit -hold tool, but with the 25mm bits it can hold up to 350mm long bolts as the stem bolt holding magnet, a free pivoting screw head is equipped with an extremely strong magnet end clamping on the bit. The 70 mm long double magnetic stem holder can also be used manually or by machine. Thanks to the strong magnet, it holds the bit confidently and keeps the screw extremely tight with 25mm long bits. This makes it possible to truly use one-handed operation when screwing with a machine. The dimensional design ensures long-term use and the hardened stem also wears heavy strain. Felo screwdriver tip and bits use a long-term safe solution for screwing operations

Everything you need

  • Material: chrome-molybdenum vanadium steel
  • Shape: FeloStar Double Magnetic Bit Holder
  • Superior hardness which exceeds DIN and ISO requirements by up to 100%
  • EAN code on every product
  • Size: 1/4 'x70mm
  • Length: 70mm
  • GS tested for safety
  • Bit clamp size: 1/4' E 6.3

bladeform diameter
Bitholder 70 mm 1/4'