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GAV pneumatic fittings from ItalyMini Drain 50 electronic drain

Model GAV MD50

MiniDrainRemove the condensate

The MiniDrain consists of a servo-assisted solenoid valve that opens upon the command of an electronic circuit according to drain capacity. Drain capacity is preset by means of a knob located on the control panel.

Regulation is extremely user's friendly thanks to a scale setting in liters of condensate/hour to avoid any inappropriate calibration or a useless waste of compressed air. Valve delivery remains even, independently from the pressure inside the system thanks to an automatic flow regulator.

It is equipped with a test button for function check and two LED, one for 'voltage on' and the other for 'valve draining'.

  • Timed electronic drain: 0.5 to 50 l/h capacity
  • Suitable for large capacity compressors (500 m3/h max delivery)
  • Suitable for dryers (950 m3/h max)
  • Accessories: Ball cock with built-in filler.

Made in Italy