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GAV pneumatic fittings from ItalyHose tail in brass for compressed air


QUICK COUPLER BRASS TWO WAY 3-8FHose tail in brass - 9mm Ø ID

Quality turned fittings from rough brass for compressed air from GAV Italy. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties.

Made from Tonval brass (also called OT58) is a copper-lead-zinc alloy. As brass is not ferromagnetic this type of connector/coupling is suitable in areas where non-magnetic properties are desired.

  • OT58 brass (Tonval brass)
  • Quality turned fitting
  • Fits 9mm Ø ID Hose
  • 1/4 inch Male BSP Thread

Made in Italy 

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Coupler and Nipple standards explained
Universal couplers were developed to be used interchangeably _x000D_ between three of the most commonly used types of fittings (Industrial/Milton®, _x000D_ Tru-Flate®®, and ARO®). The ARO style connector is found in industrial _x000D_ maintenance facilities. Tru-Flate® is used in most automotive shops. _x000D_ The Industrial style is ubiquitous, especially in the home workshop.
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Below are some abbreviations and terms used in the industry._x000D_  

CH: Campbell Hausfeld.
This is a universal design and will fit most standards.
I Series:
Industrial. This plug design has been adopted by most _x000D_ coupler manufacturers. For this reason it is considered the industrial standard. _x000D_ No matter what the coupler looks like, if it mates with this plug, it is _x000D_ an 'Industrial/Milton Interchange' design.
German Series:
This plug profile design is similar with US Industrial _x000D_ design, though, a little longer flat-bottomed “V”-shaped groove and its _x000D_ flow area is up to 2-1/2 times larger than US industrial interchange nipples.
A Series: ARO
ARO. This design is characteristic of the Aro-210 series, _x000D_ and requires a coupler of proper matching design. Although similar in appearance _x000D_ to the 'Industrial/Milton Interchange' design, it can be easily distinguished _x000D_ because its pilot is longer and its ball groove is nearly round.
Universal / Milton (Industrial) / Tru-Flate® (Automotive) _x000D_ / ARO
European Type:
Universal type fits for the most popular interchanges _x000D_ including ORION, MILTON and ARO
Nitto Type: [JAP Type]
Japanese standard. Also referred to as N Series and _x000D_ is interchangeable with Nitto Hi-Cupla type couplings
U Series: Universal Air Quick Connect _x000D_ Coupler
US Industrial (MIL-C-4109F), Automotive (Tru-Flate®), _x000D_ ARO 210, Lincoln Long-Stem style, Also Euro standard nipples. Universal _x000D_ couplers are designed to accept the most common styles with greater flow _x000D_ capacity than standard couplers. It makes an extremely flexible coupling _x000D_ that permits multiple series nipples to mate with one coupler.
T Series:
The Tru-Flate® Design is recognized by the extremely _x000D_ short pilot; however, it has the widest metal section between the groove _x000D_ and the pilot. The sealing surface on the end of the plug is wider than _x000D_ other interchanges, resulting in better sealing and longer seal life. The _x000D_ Tru-Flate® Design Coupler utilizes the tubular valve which supports _x000D_ the seal and allows more airflow at lower pressure drops than most competitive _x000D_ couplers. The protective collar guards against accidental disconnect.
L Series:
The 'Lincoln Long-Stem' plug design is the _x000D_ most easily recognized and identified. The long 3/4” pilot is so distinctive _x000D_ it can't be confused with other designs. It will only mate with couplers _x000D_ of matching design and size.
S Series:
Schrader Twist-Lock design. Recognised and identified _x000D_ by a deep groove designed for toggle pawls. Designed to protect against _x000D_ accidental uncoupling.
Magnum Series:
Designed for high air flow requirements