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Olfa® 320 x 450 mm folding self-healing craft mat

Folding for convenience

Cat no: FCM-A3


It folds brilliantly. It unfolds seamlessly. The OLFA Folding Cutting Mat gives you a durable cutting surface to make your quilting and crafting projects effortless, wherever you are. Mat folds in half for convenient travel or storage, and is perfect for taking to classes or retreats. 

The multi-purpose 320x450mm sized “folding” mat / 450x320mm when folded / features easy-to-read numbers and metric grids / 320x230mm / designed for quilt/patchwork applications such as easy measuring and accurate cutting of straight lines and precise angles.

Designed for heavy-duty cutting, the 2mm -thick mat can be used with the OLFA utility and art knives, as well as OLFA rotary cutters. The durable cutting surface is made of environment-friendly olefin resin, having a layer of durable hard olefin resin underneath.

Good For: protecting cutting surfaces and extending the life of your rotary blades on-the-go.

Self-healing, an OLFA original technology refers to the ability of the surface to return to its original shape after being cut and are ideal for general quilt cutting. A three-layer structure and soft cutting surface realize smooth cutting even after many years use.


  • 2mm thick
  • Mat folds in half for travel or storage
  • Durable cutting mat provides a smooth surface for all cutting projects
  • No missed threads when cutting
  • Also available in 12'x17' size
  • Store flat and out of direct sunlight
  • For use with rotary blades and fixed-blade knives
  • Made in Japan

Not only does this OLFA® self-healing cutting mat have a long life, it extends the life of your knife blades, too. Designed for heavy-duty cutting, the mat can be used with OLFA® utility and art knives, as well as rotary and special cutters.

Description Specification
Mat Size 320 mm x 450 mm
Type Single-sided folding and self-healing
Model FCM-A3


OLFA® Folding Cutting Mat