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CADEX Nailers Classic Phillips Bits - 32 mm Long

PH Bit No. 2 - Bulk packaging

Titanium Nitride Coated PHZ BitsThe Classic Bit

These classic PH bits are tough and suitable for heavy use for all demands. A best seller to the industry. Universal hexagonal shaft in 6,35 mm (¼ inch)

Titanium Nitride Coated PHZ Bits

Titanium Nitride Coated PHZ BitsFeatures

Main arguments to buy this product

  • Precision ground for PH screws
  • Lower costs
  • ¼ inch drive
  • Available in different packaging and quantities

CADEX Nailers Specifications

Tip: PH
Tip Size: No. 2
Length: 32 mm
Cat No.: SC20069
Packaging Bulk (Sold as each)