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CADEX Nailers Phillips P2R Grabber (Drywall)

PH Bit No. 2 - 10 Pack Carded

Titanium Nitride Coated PHZ BitsThe Phillips P2R Grabber

Phillips model P2R Grabber is specially designed for drywall applications. These classic PH bits are tough and suitable for heavy use for all demands. A great seller to the industry. Universal hexagonal shaft in 6,35 mm (¼ inch)

Bit Shape

Titanium Nitride Coated PHZ BitsFeatures

Main arguments to buy this product

  • Designed for drywall applications
  • Precision ground for PH screws
  • Lower costs
  • ¼ inch drive
  • Available in different packaging and quantities

Bit shape

CADEX Nailers Specifications

Tip: PH (Drywall screws)
Tip Size: No. 2
Length: 25 mm
Cat No.: SC2160C10
Packaging 10 Pack (Carded packaging)