D/END 1.0X7.0/PH3 60MM 1/PACK


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Shröder Double ended Bits - 60 mm

Double ended Bit PH3  |  1,0mm x 7,0mm

Packaging: 1 Pack Carded

These double ended bits belong to the Classic range of bits. Conveniently reversible - saving time on the job. Available in 60mm lengths as well as 50 mm lengths for some sizes.

Universal hexagonal shaft in 6.35 mm (¼ inch)

Bit shape

Shröder Features


  • Double ended
  • Convenient
  • Time saver
  • Lower costs
  • Long life
  • ¼ inch drive
  • Available in different packaging and quantities

Bit shape

Shröder Specifications

Tip: Bit shape PH | SLOTTED
Tip Size: PH3  |  1,0mm x 7,0 mm
Hex Shank Size: ¼'
Length: 60 mm
Packaging 1 Pack (Carded packaging)