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U-shank jigsaw blade

Shank: U-shank
Distance between teeth: 2.5mm
Total length: 100mm
Teeth Per Inch: 10TPI
Packaging: Pack of 5


The jigsaw blades are used to cut:

  • Wood up to 30mm.
  • PVC.


  • SKIL

The cutting part of the blade is +/-26mm less than the total length.

U-shank jigsaw blade


The T-shank jigsaw blades are compatible with all new jigsaws. Some jigsaws have a quick release system that allows the user to replace jigsaw blades without the help of any tools.


The U-shank is an older shank style and is not as popular as the T-shank. These blades require the user to fasten the blade with a retaining screw.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI):

The Teeth Per Inch is a standard measurement to determine the amount of teeth measured within 25.4mm. This is usefull to know when blades are designed to cut specific materials and what the finish of the cut will be. Metal cutting blades have a much finer TPI than wood cutting blades and the teeth are also smaller. Fast cutting blades have less TPI than clean cutting blades.

Distance between teeth:

This is similar to the teeth per inch measurement, but makes it easier to know whether a jigsaw blade is a fast cutting blade, or a clean cutting blade. The bigger the distance between the teeth, the bigger the teeth will be.

U-shank jigsaw blade

Pendulum on a jigsaw:

What is it?

It is a technology built into modern jigsaws that gives the machine the ability to move the blade in an eliptical motion. This is a feature to move the blade backwards and forwards, while the blade is cutting up and down.

The benefits:

  • The pendulum movement will allow the user to cut faster in thicker/harder materials.
  • It prolongs the life of the motor and the blade.
  • Less cutting time.

The disadvantage:

There is a bit of tear-out when using the pendulum function. Use the correct blade for the correct material to minimize tear-out. Not all jigsaws have the same finish using the pendulum function.

It is best to switch off the pendulum function when cutting veneer, melamine or plywood.


U-shank jigsaw blade
How to make a plunge cut using a jigsaw
consider safety for your health and the people around you

General safety suggestions:

It is advisable to always have the following items nearby and in a good condition

  • Eye protection – clean and scratch free
  • Hearing protection – quality earmuffs
  • Dust masks – discard old and dirty masks
  • Gloves – for easy handling of material and hand protection
Wear Gloves Eye Protection Hearing Protection Dust Mask
Wear Gloves
Eye Protection
Hearing Protection
Dust Mask