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Diamond Grit Hole Saw

Diameter: Ø30mm
Mandrel to use: TC17002-3
Working length: 38mm


The hole saw is made from a tough steel body covered in a chrome finish. The cutting edge is covered with a permanently bonded electro plated diamond grit coating.

The diamond grit hole saw can be used to cut:

  • Bricks
  • Roof tiles
  • Slate
  • Ceramics
  • Tiles
  • Marble/Granite
  • Reinforced plastics
  • Glass resins
  • Asbestos

Do not use the diamond grit hole saw with percussion (hammer action). Allow the diamond coating to cut the material with minimum pressure. Rotation speed should not exceed 300 rpm.

Regularly (every 1 to 2 minutes of use) rinse and cool the diamond grit holesaw in a container of water. This will extend the life of the hole saw. The maximum permissible temperature of a diamond tip is 500°C.

consider safety for your health and the people around you

General safety suggestions:

It is advisable to always have the following items nearby and in a good condition

  • Eye protection – clean and scratch free
  • Hearing protection – quality earmuffs
  • Dust masks – discard old and dirty masks
  • Gloves – for easy handling of material and hand protection
Wear Gloves Eye Protection Hearing Protection Dust Mask
Wear Gloves
Eye Protection
Hearing Protection
Dust Mask