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Adapter: SDS-Max to SDS-Plus

SDS-Max to SDS-Plus adapter

In some cases you might need to use a SDS-Plus drill bit and do not have the machine to match the bit. We offer an adapter that will allow one to convert a SDS-Max machine to be able to accept an SDS-Plus drill bit.

Allows SDS-Plus drill bits, chisels and accessories to be used in SDS-Max machines giving it flexibility of user options.


Never overdo it! Look at the maximum capacity (diameter bit) your drilling tool can handle. You might damage the power tool (i.e. burn it out). This product is applied purely for convenience or flexibility purposes within limits.

Installing a 50mm drill bit in the adapter might break the adapter shaft due to exceeding the torque capability that the shaft can handle.

SDS Confusion

Lets clear up some confusion...

There is sometimes a little confusion as to what bits work with which tools and what the best bits to use with each job are. It is a little confusing using these different acronyms. We sell only two types to simplify life and standardise. A choice between SDS-Plus for smaller applications and SDS-Max for larger applications.

SS-PlusSDS-Plus – Typically used with Carbide drill bits 4mm – 28mm and thin wall carbide core bits up to 100mm. There are also several types of smaller chipping and chiselling bits that work extremely well with standard SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers.

You will find the power tools often give max capacity right in their title such as 2kg or 3kg hammer or a certain Watt range. These are solid bit capacities so don’t go sticking a 30mm bit on a 2kg SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill, even though the bit will fit it is going to be seriously underpowered.

SDS-MaxSDS-Max – Typically used with Carbide drill bits 12mm – 50mm and thick wall carbide core bits up to 100mm (thin wall up to 150mm). There are also many chipping, chiselling, cutting and digging bits that work well with the SDS-Max tools. Many of the demolition tools and large breakers will use the Hex shank but that is a totally different job application.

Adaptors – You can get adaptors to go from SDS-Max to Hex or vice-versa or from either size down to the smaller SDS-Plus sizes. A SDS-Plus to SDS-Max version is also available.

One point that probably causes the most confusion of the different style bits, is the tool capacity rating in the machine description. For instance a manufacturer “A” has a few SDS-Plus drilling machines; one is a 18mm SDS-Plus & the other is a 26mm SDS-Plus. This size rating refers to the drilling diameter capacity or basic power of the drill - not a different size SDS-Plus shanks; all SDS-Plus shanks are the same.

Another point of confusion is that there are two types of larger hammers produced by most manufacturers. Demolition hammers as well as rotary drill hammers.

The rotary drills can almost always be used as a drill and also switched to only hammer mode for using chisels. These are also sometimes called combination drills.

The demolition hammers on the other hand only operate in hammer mode and can’t drill which means they are applied for a different job application.

When shopping online sometimes the pictures might be the same, make sure you are getting the right unit. If you have any questions at all about any SDS tools or accessories please call our Team at Tork Craft on 011 314 7711 during office hours or email us. Click to email